Mind-bending Art-Puzzle Launched at Museum

The Launch of Curvahedra

Fayetteville, AR - Curvahedra is art and puzzle combined in a system that will change how you think about shape and space. Launched on Saturday August 18th*, the Curvahedra company takes beautiful and esoteric geometry and puts it into your hands. The launch was a delightful evening at Crystal Bridges, a world-class art museum in Bentonville, Arkansas, as part of the museum’s Artinfusion Summer Fling. 
Drawing on obscure mathematical concepts, often kept hidden within graduate school, Dr. Edmund Harriss spent five years developing a system that is accessible to everyone from your 7 year old to your grandparents. The system is simple: a small, smart collection of branched pieces with a buckle at the end of each arm. Yet, depending on how you connect them, these pieces can come together to form a ball, a saddle, endless other geometric shapes, hearts, hats and more. Thanks to this flexibility even the system’s creator was amazed at some of the discoveries and constructions made by participants at the launch event.
The initial concept for Curvahedra got its start with a prototype presented on Kickstarter which raised over $20,000. This initial system gave the creator a good sense that people would be interested in Curvahedra but he knew it needed some additional work to take it mainstream. So Edmund joined with two entrepreneurs from North West Arkansas, Jason Kohrig and Brad Harvey, and together the three of them have refined design and manufacturing, created a brand, and are forming a great idea into a functioning company. 


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Curvahedra is a construction puzzle system consisting of sets of cut pieces which link together in an ingenious way, without the aid of glue or tape, to build a variety of 3D structures. Curvahedra is suitable for ages 6 to 160 and works particularly well as a creative activity uniting young and mature.
Curvahedra is the brainchild of British Mathematician and University of Arkansas Math Professor Dr. Edmund Harriss. In 2016 Edmund decided to bring his creation to a larger audience by creating the brand Curvahedra and launching a Kickstarter campaign which was featured in various media such as The Guardian, with an article from Alex BellosThe AperiodicalForbesMath Less Traveled, and several articles and blog posts by math educators and artist. 
After the Kickstarter campaign Edmund teamed up with two local entrepreneurs, Jason Kohrig and Brad Harvey, to further develop Curvahedra´s connector system and materials. The result is a brilliant buckle connector system cut out of mylar. This means that the pieces are far more durable and have the additional ability to be disconnected and reconnected freely. This opens up previously unexplored ways for exploration, discovery, and creation. 
Curvahedra is available at https://curvahedra.com

Dr. Edmund Harriss- Curvahedra Creator

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Dr. Edmund Harriss is a mathematician, teacher, artist, and maker at the University of Arkansas. He has published two colouring books of mathematical images, with over 100,000 copies sold. 
Since completing his Ph.D. at Imperial College in London, studying the mathematics of the Penrose Tilings, Edmund´s research has spread and now runs from the mathematics of discrete geometry through robot control to mathematical art. Amongst Edmund´s discoveries is the "Harriss spiral” and his work has appeared in Nature, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, the Notices of the AMS, and more.
Edmund´s passion is to make the intricate world of mathematics more  accessible for others to explore and to enjoy. He has visited schools and math circles and given talks all over the world, including at the Museum of Mathematics in New York.
Read more about Edmund here:  https://maxwelldemon.com

Crystal Bridges


Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art “welcomes all to celebrate the American spirit in a setting that unites the power of art with the beauty of nature”. It is a world class art museum, founded by the Walton Family Foundation. The museum’s permanent collection ranges from colonial art to the current day. Included in the collection are iconic pieces by Durand, Rockwell, and Warhol along with major works by Georgia O´Keeffe, Baldessari, and Turrell. 
Visit https://crystalbridges.org for more information. 


* The date of 81818 was particularly pleasing given its great symmetry. 

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