1st Edition Curvahedra Ball

1st Edition Curvahedra Ball

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Our #1 selling item and a great place to start your Curvahedra experience. One set of our Curvahedra Ball contains twelve identical mylar pieces that are durable enough to put together and take apart many many times. You can start by trying to make the ball and then explore different things you can make with the pieces by connecting them in new and creative ways.

Difficulty Level: Easy

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Buy More Than One Set and Explore Curvahedra

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Two Curvahedra Ball Sets

Weave two sets together to make this great looking design.

Three Curvahedra Ball Sets

Weave, connect and explore more possibilities

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Four or More Sets

The more pieces you have the more creative and awesome you can become. So start creating and show us what ya got.

Who knows, maybe you will get featured in our user submitted designs section.