Curvahedra Woven Ball Puzzle Set - Red
Curvahedra Woven Ball Puzzle Set - Red

Curvahedra Woven Ball Puzzle Set - Red

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This great puzzle challenges you more than some of our other Curvahedra products but trust us, it is worth it. One Curvahedra Woven Ball set contains twelve 5-branch and twenty 3-branch mylar pieces that are durable enough to put together and take apart many many times. You can start by trying to make the woven ball and then explore different things you can make with the pieces by connecting them in new and creative ways.

Difficulty Level: Moderate

* Check out our other listings for different color options.


About Curvahedra

We are excited to bring you a new and unique type of puzzle called Curvahedra. Curvahedra gives you all the fun of a good challenging puzzle along with the freedom to explore and create your own unique and beautiful pieces.

We have spent over two years exploring new challenging puzzle designs, finding the best materials, creating a new patented easy to use connector, identifying gorgeous piece colors and so much more to bring you this great new puzzle system where art and puzzle collide.

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Curvahedra Woven Ball Puzzle Set - Red